Christmas market season is upon us!  We chose the market in Valkenburg to get us started for this year.

Ben’s sister and her family live not far from Valkenburg, in The Netherlands, and agreed to go with us to the market, which is, uniquely, located in the caves that run under the town.  While the stalls sell the same sort of stuff you’ll find at most markets; holiday items, some handmade items, some definitely not handmade, waffles… the whole thing is underground, which makes for an interesting atmosphere.


Christmas is a big deal in Valkenburg.  A tourist town to start with, at Christmas they really do the town up to please us.  From the caves, to Santa’s Village with its rides and singing Christmas tree, a nativity scene made out of sand (we missed that one), Valkenburg provides a lot of Christmas spirit to the hordes of people who visit, by car or by bus.

In addition, the town holds a (short) parade several times during December, starring Santa, of course.  As we were headed toward the parade route, we stumbled across Santa himself.  In a bar.  He was nice enough to pose with the kids before finishing his beer and hopping in his sleigh.





The next morning we gathered the kids and headed to a brocante held on the grounds of a castle near Valkenburg.  Can you ask for a better setting for a brocante than the grounds of a castle?

  One Christmas market in the books, number two on the calendar for next weekend.

Merry Christmas season to you!


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