Ceremonies, Part Two

As the year comes to an end, we find ourselves involved in a multitude of ceremonies.  They seem to be coming at us on an almost biweekly basis.  Evidently we have a lot to celebrate, which is not a bad situation to find yourself in, wouldn’t you agree?


A concert by the Canadian school choir at the Canadian Christmas Market.  (And, no, we’re not Canadian) Plus, Santa sighting #1




Ribbon Cutting for the new American elementary school, with another concert.


Student of the Month ceremony.

 Honor Roll Assembly (Straight A’s.  That’s my girl.)

The annual lighting of the SHAPE Christmas Tree, with accompanying music by the Canadian School Choir.  Santa sighting #2.



Carolling Girl Scouts and Santa sighting #3

Canadian School Christmas Concert.  Pretty good for a school with a total student count of 51. (And Santa sighting #4.)




And now it’s time for the family celebrations to begin.  Less ceremony, (a little) less singing, definitely fewer candy canes…


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