Wengen, Switzerland



This season’s ski vacation was a little different than the past few years.  First in its timing, December rather than later in the winter.  Second in my stubbornness, I opted completely out of even renting skis.  Third, we had company!


(What happens when two geocaching families get together?  Poking around behind warehouses in the dark.)


The whole planning a ski trip at a time when there might not be any snow on the ground yet had Ben a little nervous.  He spent the month of December checking the snow amounts in Wengen on a daily basis and feeling a bit disappointed.  At one point there was even talk of a second ski vacation in case this one didn’t turn out quite right.  Then the weather gods gave him a little post Christmas present.  The night before we arrived, the snow began to fall and didn’t stop for days.

Snow and I are not best friends.  Cold, wet, slippery, cold.  An hour of suiting up, involving pushing and pulling and grunting and bad moods just to get out the door.  However, it does make for a pretty picture so I spent most mornings helping get the little ones ready for ski lessons, heading back inside to sit in a quiet house with my feet up for a bit then stepping out into the cold with my camera.


The rest of the week involved a lot of eating (the Swiss love their melted cheeses in all forms), geocaches, trains, sledding, fireworks and sparklers (Happy New Year!), so many iPads, Phase 10, Scotch tastings, chocolate, watching mediocre movies because they were filmed in Wengen, and a James Bond restaurant and museum.





Did I mention eating?


All in all, a very satisfactory trip to the Swiss Alps.  Happy 2015!



4 thoughts on “Wengen, Switzerland

  1. I LOVE the Swiss Alps! We were there last summer and absolutely fell in love with Switzerland. I would like visit in the winter next time, but I’m like you and don’t really enjoy the cold, wet, slippery part of snow. But it is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures!

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