More Geocaching

We’ve been traipsing about the woods and fields again, on the hunt for hidden treasure.  Searching for geocaches.


Our most recent geocaching day was this past Saturday.  A new cache was published, which turned out to be in the fields just behind our house.  Even though it had been around for almost 48 hours, it still hadn’t been logged as found when we headed out to search for it.  A First to Find?  Could we do it?  After at least 30 minutes of searching, we were getting ready to give up.  Wait.  No way!  There it is!  Zip-tied to a branch way up there.  But the hint says “No need to climb”.  Well, that’s because that branch can be easily pulled out of the base of the tree.  Sneaky, sneaky.

So we pulled out the log, ready to add our names to the FTF space.  Damn!  Someone’s already been here today.  Oh, well, second to find, it is.  After a long walk home, we removed our hiking boots, settled into comfy chairs when my phone began to chirp.  A quick look showed a new geocache alert.  Where?  500 feet from our front door.  Back on with the shoes, back out the door.  This First to Find isn’t going to escape.

LFM = La Famille Martin.  That’s us!

We also spent a day out with some friends, showing them the geocaching ropes.  Six caches searched for, five found.  A nice run for their first time out.



Other days provided quick finds on the way to something else.  Around Brussels, at an abbey, in a park.  I love our family hobby.




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