April and an Answer

While the majority of April was taken up by planning for and executing a trip to Ireland, we did manage to wedge some other things in there.  Because, even though this spring is proving to be a bit chillier than normal, it’s still time to get out of the house and enjoy those many, many hours of daylight we have.  Sunset is already after 9:00, which is a good thing, what with all those t-ball games to attend and horses to ride and flowers to see and, let’s be honest, brocantes that need to be shopped.


The Bluebells of Hallerbos


I first read about Hallerbos last year, just after prime bluebell flowering time which is late April and early May.  I marked it on the calendar for the following year, I was so determined not to miss it.  And I’m so glad we didn’t.  It was absolutely beautiful.

The forest was ancient until World War I when it was destroyed by the Germans who felled all the enormous trees, leaving almost nothing behind.  Except the bluebells.  Between the years of 1930 and 1950 though, the forest was replanted, making it all foresty again.  But the bluebells?  They’ve been there for centuries.










and a variety of other things



Oh, and we got an answer to the question, “Where will we be living next year?”.  Ready?


Let’s just say that I was less than pleased when I saw “Ohio” written next to Ben’s name on the “Where You Will Be Going Next” List.  (That’s the name of that list, right?).  What happened to my dreams of going back to my most fantastic neighborhood in Norfolk?  Or even out to the west coast for a change?  Or anywhere near an ocean?  I mean, he is in the Navy, right?  Beaches!  Come on!  But then I did a little research.  And Columbus?  Looks really good.

But!  We still have the better part of a year before we leave this continent.  So, bring on the next adventure!  The next new European country!  The next castle!  (The next brocante!)  I’ve got quite a few more things to do over here before we settle back into our new, American life.


Settling in


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