Battle of Filot

We spent last weekend at Ben’s brother’s house in Filot to participate in a reenactment of an American versus German, fictitious WWII battle.  Why would one bother to design a fake battle when so many real ones actually happened, not just nearby, but pretty much everywhere in Belgium?  Got me, but we had fun, nonetheless.


The village of Filot is made up of nearly all old, stone houses, about 40 in all if I had to guess, making it the perfect backdrop for this weekend’s plans.  The residents were asked to dress in 1940’s attire and hide their cars to set the WWII scene.  It was surreal to step out the front door and see small groups of fully dressed soldiers hanging out on the cobblestone street corners, smoking, laughing, watching the ladies in polka dot skirts and bright red lipstick walk by.



We walked down the street that afternoon to watch the battle take place in a grassy field, wedged in between the American and German campsites.  The Americans, aided by the Belgian resistance fighters, won the battle, because what fun would it be if the Germans did?  And then it was time to party.




“American” troops with actual American troops.

Swing music, GIs, beer, fireworks and more red lipstick.  Now that’s a party.

And thanks to Benoit and Violet for putting up your very own set of Americans!



One thought on “Battle of Filot

  1. I enjoyed your post, but have to say that such an exercise makes me feel uncomfortable too, with the guys dressing up as tough soldiers and the ladies in their polka-dot dresses .. being watched by the guys. Love the swing music from the 40s though!

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