200 Years Later: The Battle of Waterloo


To be honest, it really should be Ben writing this one.  Because I know nothing about Napoleon.  And he knows everything.  Everything.  Napoleon has always been Ben’s hero, which is why last weekend was so important to him.  The two hundred year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was celebrated with a reenactment involving thousands of people, hundreds of horses, all the paraphernalia that goes along with them including really bad traffic.



The battle was “performed” twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday.  The whole family went for the first night, just the boys on night two.





Evidently, there was a lot of complaining going on after night one.  People couldn’t see, the announcing was weird, nothing started on time, no one could get to their seats…  The head Waterloo folks did their best to change it up for night two, including rewriting history so that people could see better.



And now Ben has a new buddy to share his love of Napoleon history with.

Vive l’Empereur!



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