The Tongeren Brocante


The brocante in Tongeren is a good one.  Held every Sunday morning in the Flemish speaking town, I find it more pleasant to browse and shop because nearly all of the vendors speak English so I can actually have a conversation with people that doesn’t sound like this… “How much?  Thank you”, as my limited French does at the brocantes held in the Walloon region.  I really should have taken French lessons three years ago if only to help my brocante skills.


This market always makes it into U.S. flea market magazines (yes, they exist and yes, I read them) at the top of lists of foreign markets to visit.  And proof that other people also read these magazines is in the amount of Americans at the Tongeren market.  The prices are a wee bit higher here, but so is the quality of the merchandise offered.



My initials! Totally should have bought it.


If you can’t make it to the brocante on a Sunday morning, the town is filled with small antique stores that are open (with varying opening hours) throughout the week.





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