Normandy, part three


No drive through Normandy is complete without a stop at Mont St. Michel.  We arrived in the evening, which I strongly suggest.  You do what you can to beat the crowds.  Stores were beginning to close but the restaurants were all open and hopping.  We found one that could seat us close enough to the window to watch the crazy tide come in.

We left the island as the sun was setting.  Fairy. Tale.



On our drive home the next day we followed a bit of the “cider route”, a 25 mile trail passing by orchards, cider producers and Calvados distillers.  A lunchtime stop found us in Beuvron-en-Auge, a tiny town labeled as ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France”.  Yes, we stumbled upon one of the Most Beautiful Villages In France.  And that is saying something.



After lunch at a crêperie, a quick (and I mean quick, the place is tiny) stroll around the town and a stop to buy a few bottles of local cider, we climbed back into the car and headed home.


After two and a half years living in and traveling around Europe, my favorite country to visit is still France.  You cannot go wrong, no matter which direction you turn.  Which is a good thing because we have a long drive, north to south, coming up.




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