Paris, for the Last Time

So I have this list of all the things I will miss when I no longer live in Belgium.  My list includes things like waffles… and waiters who wear starched shirts, black vests and long white aprons… and doner kebabs… and the line up of French fry sauces at friteries. (Wow, that’s a lot of food references.)  But something I’ll miss more than all of those things (even Andalouse sauce) is traveling through Europe.

Eiffel Tower

We’ve seen quite a bit since we’ve been here.  That list on the right includes most of the countries we’ve spent time in.  But since my favorite country to travel through is France, we had to go back to Paris one more time.

Included in our weekend’s sights were the Eiffel Tower (naturally), Napoleon’s tomb, some time spent in the Luxembourg Gardens (including playing with mini sailboats), a quick stop into the Galeries Lafayette to gaze at the beautiful ceilings, and a trip to the top of the Arc de Triomphe…



Day two saw us wandering around Île de la Cité, with visits to the bird market, Sainte Chapelle (please go see it if you’re in Paris… it is breathtaking in the sunlight), the bouquinistes, and a stroll along the Seine to find a geocache or two.  After one last gaze at the Eiffel Tower, it was time to catch our train home.






But, wait!  I haven’t been in the catacombs yet!  All the more reason to go back.  See you again, Paris!



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