Where Do I Go from Here?

It Must Be Tuesday originally started as a way to show off our life in Europe to friends and family we left back in the United States.  Then other people found it.  Fellow world travelers.  Fellow expats.  Fellow geocachers and Navy wives and Harry Potter fans and Belgian bloggers.  If yearly stats are to be believed, 67 different countries sent readers to find out about our travels in 2015. (a big Hello to the one visitor from Trinidad and Tobago!)


(Not too popular in Greenland, Africa or the -stans.)

So, the question becomes, now that we’ve left Europe behind (for the time being), how do I continue?  Suburban United States is clearly not as full of adventure possibilities as, say, France.  Or Sicily.  Or Romania.  Do I continue It Must Be Tuesday when we are, sadly, no longer in Belgium?

Movie Advertisement - If Its Tuesday This Must Be Belgium 1971 - Studdblog

I might have to change the name, but yes, I’m going to keep going.  For three reasons.

1. I take lots of pictures and where else am I going to put them?

2. My country deserves some love, too.

3. I’ve come to realize, from spending time with people from outside the United States, Americans have a reputation we don’t (always) deserve.


I just spent three years living among so many different nationalities, not just Belgians.  SHAPE is a NATO base and, as such, is home to people from dozens of countries.  And each one has an opinion of America.  For instance, I got to spend Thanksgiving with some British friends.  When they arrived, we commented on how nice they looked.  They responded that they didn’t know how they should dress for an American holiday as they figured we’d all be wearing sweatpants and drinking canned beer out of coozies while sitting in recliners, watching football.


For three years I was told to hide my American-ness.  No flag flew outside our house.  We never wore clothes that hinted we were from the US.  We stripped our car of anything that implied we were not from Belgium.  We tried to speak English quietly when we spent time in areas with lots of people.  But that ends now.

Hamburger Inn Diner

So, let’s show off America, for a change.  Let’s see how our United States experiences compare to those we had in Europe.  Let’s prove that we’re not all stereotypes from John Cougar Mellancamp songs.  And, perhaps most important, let’s see what Columbus, Ohio has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Where Do I Go from Here?

  1. Isn’t moving fun? We moved back to California at the end of August. I have been neglecting my blog for various reasons but I would like to get back to it. It’s such a nice way to make sense of these very busy times. I’m glad you’ll keep updating! (And I need to come back to check out your trip to Scotland.) Best of luck and I look forward to reading!

    • Are you enjoying being back in the States? English and garbage disposals and the extreme convenience of everything! We’re still getting used to things again…. I had to stop my husband from frantically bagging his groceries the other day and I keep sitting at red lights, forgetting that I can turn right without having to wait for the light to change. We miss Belgium, though. You should definitely keep writing. I find sitting down with my pictures and a blank screen gives me time to look back on our experiences, even those as mundane as unpacking or taking a walk. Now if I could just find the time! I feel busier here than I did in Belgium. Enjoy California!

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