Tree Picking

(I know that Christmas was ages ago but right now, with Ben gone for three weeks and a house full of boxes that need to be unpacked and temperatures in the single digits, adventure is limited.)

Living in an empty house during the holidays is a drag.  So to make things a bit more on the festive side and to, let’s be honest, fill up some empty space, we headed out fairly quickly to find a Christmas tree.


After a bit of local research, we found a place that let’s you pull a Clark W. Griswold and cut your own tree.  Cackler Family Farms sends you out into their fields of trees armed with a hacksaw for chopping down your chosen tree, and a sled to drag it back.

It was a pleasantly warm day and, with no reason to return quickly to an empty house, we took our time, debating the merits of several different trees before finally deciding on one twice my height.

Cackler Farms is located in Delaware (OH), and so are several antique malls.  As it was a Sunday, vintage shopping was calling to me (you can take the girl out of the brocante circuit…).  We wound up with a handful of vintage tree ornaments.  A good thing, as nearly all of our other ornaments were still floating their way across the Atlantic toward us.


See you again in about eleven months, Cackler Farms.  And see you even sooner, Sandusky Street Antiques.

Cackler Family Farms, 3971 Cackler Rd, Delaware, OH

Sandusky Street Antiques, 30 N. Sandusky St, Delaware, OH


One thought on “Tree Picking

  1. Looks like you guys are making the most out of your situation! The tree is a great one and I love your little vintage ornaments!

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