Winter Days in the Parks

We’ve been in Columbus for about two months now.  Those two months have been filled with attempts to make a home, make friends, understand a new job, find our way around the city and resettle back into our home country.  Those two months have not been filled with the kind of adventure or travel that we’ve gotten used to for the past three years.  However, a new home town calls for new explorations just outside our back door and the Columbus Metro Parks have given us a place to escape from opening the endless parade of boxes.


The park system in Columbus takes care of sixteen parks in and around the city.  We’ve visited the three closest to us and been pleasantly surprised at each one.  The trails are well taken care of, the visitor’s centers filled with books and maps and examples of animals we should avoid stepping on while traipsing about, the sledding hills just steep enough and warmed by bonfires stoked by forest rangers.  And squirrels!  We hadn’t seen squirrels in three years and were stupidly excited to see them again.




We’re looking forward to watching the seasons change in the parks.  So, come on spring!  Please hurry.



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