St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (Ohio)

Part of the fun of moving so often is a constant flow of new experiences.  While I’m a fan of tradition (and, truth be told, I’m starting to experience pangs of wanting to put down roots somewhere), the opportunity to discover new events in new places is one of the benefits of the constant upheaval that is the military family life.

One of the bigger springtime events in our new area is the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in, yes, Dublin.  I mean, if you’re going to live in a town named after the capital of Ireland, you might as well play it up.

With her newly perfected preteen attitude, my daughter was not loving the idea of going to a parade.  “But, I’ve been to Dublin, Ireland.  This is dumb.  I’m not going.”  (stomp, stomp, stomp…slam) ( if you don’t recognize the pattern because you don’t have a ten year old girl, that’s stomping up the stairs then slamming her bedroom door.)  I should have realized that someday she was going to use her living-in-Europe experience as a way to get out of everything.  So I reminded her that they give out candy at these things.  Mind.Changed.

I’ve been to plenty of St. Patrick’s Day parades in my time. From Norfolk, Virginia to Mobile, Alabama and places in between, but never in a city named Dublin or one that celebrates its Irish heritage quite like this one does.  I am absolutely looking forward to the Dublin Irish Festival, with its eight music stages, this summer.


From zoo animals to the Grand Leprechan to Girl Scouts and marching bands, to giant balloons and dogs wearing bowties to a Trump supporter handing out stickers who I kicked in the shin as he walked past (no, I didn’t… or did I?), this parade had exactly what you would expect.  And candy.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  From Dublin, Ohio.


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