Paris Party


I have planned a lot of birthday parties in my eleven years of being a mother.  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, horseback riding, geocaching, crafting, Legos, carousel and James Bond have all been themes.  This year’s party for L was one of the easiest.  She opted for a small sleepover with a Paris theme, an idea I had absolutely nothing to do with except that I pretty much made her choose it.

When you research Paris theme parties, you get absolutely no unique ideas.  Evidently, there is a rule somewhere that states, “All Paris parties must be black and pink and have poodles and fashion as their main component”.  Go ahead.  Try to search Pinterest and find something different.

I have to be honest.  I love Pinterest but I feel like it has completely stunted people’s creativity. So, I put my foot down.  “There will be no pink and black decorations!” I proclaimed, while waving an Eiffel Tower statue in the air.  “And absolutely no poodles!”



I really do love planning kids parties but, sadly, there was very little I actually had to do for this one.  L has reached the age where she mostly just wants to spend time with her few friends in her room, listening to music. So, hey!  Here’s a French music playlist!  They requested Taylor Swift. My only real job was to come up with one craft, in case music listening got boring, and provide cake and pizza (that were not in the least bit Parisian) and have a list of Paris themed movies to choose from, which they ignored.  They picked Harry Potter.



And now my daughter is eleven.  She’s almost as tall as I am and wears a shoe size bigger, but I still call her baby and boo-boo and pumpkin and all the other names that stuck before she turned one.


Joyeux Anniversaire, Boo-Boo!


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