Hocking Hills State Park

Since arriving in Columbus, we’ve been hearing about Hocking Hills State Park and the warmth of this past weekend practically screamed for an outdoor adventure, so off we went, about 90 minutes south, to see what it was all about.


Ohio is one of those states that, growing up, I knew nothing about.  One of those inland states.  What do they do out there, with no ocean to play in?  Do they stand out in the plains, watching buffalo graze?  Do they spend afternoons fishing in the pond?  Do they watch the corn grow?  All states with no coastline were of no interest to me at all.  And Ohio?  Couldn’t place it on a map.

Ohio, I’m sorry I doubted you.



Hocking Hills State Park has six different locations set aside for hiking (mostly) easy trails, each one taking you to a different destination.  Caves, waterfalls, gorges, cliffs or lakes, all in a relatively small area.  Of course you’ll also find spas, gift shops, cabins, a store completely devoted to wind chimes, farmers markets and a flea market, though none of these detract from the park itself.



We only hiked two of the six different trails.  Our first destination was Old Man Cave, named because, yep, an old man made it his home in the 1800’s.  Our second stop was
Ash Cave which I liked even more.





Did you know Ohio has waterfalls?  Like, lots of waterfalls.  There is even more than one within the city of Columbus.


We didn’t see the whole park by a long shot so I’m looking forward to more trips south to hike other trails, especially in the fall.  Maybe on a less nice day, probably not on a weekend.  Because so..many..people.


Hocking Hills State Park, Laurelville, OH


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