Granville Barn Hop

A few weeks ago, I forced everyone into the car because I was tired of our house.  I’m in it all day, every day doing dishes, laundry, helping with homework.  When the weekend rolls around, I want out.  We picked a nearby town that sounded like it might have a selection of places to stop for ice cream, and off we went to Granville.



 As it turns out, Granville is a perfect little town.  About 30 miles from Columbus, Granville is home to Denison University, which counts senators and U.S. representatives and, more importantly, Steve Carell, as alumni.  The town is full of terribly cute shops and restaurants and also a haunted inn.  I love it there.


This past weekend, I played the Mother’s Day card early and forced everyone in the car again (this may be a slight exaggeration as everyone actually went willingly) on Saturday to shop the Granville Barn Hop.  A series of four barns open to the public for vintage shopping, some only for this one weekend.  The rain held off, we each walked away with several vintage purchases, and my Mother’s Day was complete, even before breakfast in bed on Sunday.



Should you ever care to visit us out here in Ohio, I hope you like haunted inns as the one in Granville looks like it has a nice Sunday brunch.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!



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