September Weekends

Hello there.  Remember me?  Yep, I’m still here.  Let’s just say this fall got away from me.  With school and tennis lessons and horseback riding and homework and two, count ’em, two broken arms, I’ve had my hands full.  So let’s start fresh, shall we?  But first, a quick review is in order.


Fall “started” on Labor Day weekend, two weeks after the kids began school. The Blue Angels were flying at the Cleveland Air Show and, since we haven’t seen them in four years, we made the trip, then added a night spent at “the beach”, in quotes because the ocean is still really far away but Lake Erie stepped in with sand and water.  And sunsets.






Fall also means apples.  Lynd Fruit Farm replaced our Belgian apple orchard, Culture Fruitiere du Point du Jour. A decent substitution, though a much bigger operation.  In Belgium we were usually the only people there save for a tiny dog.

Ben and the kids joined E’s Cub Scout pack for his first U.S. camping experience.  I stayed with them for the first few hours but left before the real “camping” began.  Because I like beds.



A review of October is next in line, including our annual family Halloween costume. Aren’t you excited?


One thought on “September Weekends

  1. Katherine That is a wonderful picture of the gull. Great expression and Lake Erie looks like Nantucket Sound. Ohio looks like a nice place. You will get (sometime) a Hess truck in the mail. I don’t know how to order things on the inter net so your mother very kindly got three of them. I think they will let you know when they will be sent. And you will have to wrap it. So I have my seven great- grand children taken care of for Xmas. Whoope!!!!!! Hope Lucie’s arms are healing. Always love your blogs.

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