We are a family of four who have been moved by the U.S. Navy from the East Coast of the United States to Belgium for the next two… or two and a half…. or three years.  Here we, though more likely I, will lay down words about all the fun we have, troubles we get ourselves into, trips we take, food we eat, flea markets we frequent, people we visit or who visit us, and general, everyday life.

We are a military family so our story may be different from those who navigate moving overseas without that support.  However, we have a native Belgian in the family, and plenty more family members living in country with us, so our story may be different from other military families who start their journey here with a clean slate.  I’ll do my best to include stories from both sides.

Thanks for stopping by!  Bonne journée!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey funny!
    I’m Belgian American, my father is American and my mother Belgian.
    My US grandfather moved to Belgium in 1969 because he married a Belgian girl and she wanted to live in her native country after several years in USA (What’s wrong with my grandmother? She lived in CARMEL WTF? It’s California baby lol). Though my grandfather often lived between USA and Belgium… He was sergeant in the US Army.

    I’m now waiting my visa to live in the US, unfortunately, because I’m 25 I have to wait (there’s a visa limitation for certain category, that suck!)

    Are you still in Belgium?

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